So today I open sourced my small Static Website generator DisOrder. You can go and install it:

$ gem install DisOrder

or check out the Documentation on disorder-cms.org

Do I need it?

DisOrder takes Markdown or HTML files and create website like this one here. It very easy to make extra css html or javascript per articles like I do on my New Years eve playlist "articles".

It's still no not very user friendly and you have to to a lot of things by hand. So you probably want to use some thing like Jekyll.

Some History

Some years ago I wrote the original DisOrder a full fledged CMS on top of Rails for a school project. And I had it running NickLoose.de for a while.

It was nice but neede a lot of resources and currently the cool things are static website generators.

And CMS and Static Website genrators are like TODO list apps every Nerd has to write at somepoint its own one because all the other ones suck and you really need this one features. So I wrote DisOrder again as a gem that create static website.

The Current Version is 0.0.11 or WDE (World Domination Edition).

You even can fork it on Github