Redesign 2012

After almost 2 Years of inactivity I got around to Redesign and

Over the holidays I had sometime to Design and Code on my two main sites. I even wrote my small static website generator I wanted for so long because all the others are crap.

So my portfolio is now only one page with mostly no content! yay. But it's blured and big.

And is now finaly Ruby based after years of painfull and horrible php code.

And I even updated the Space Wallpaper with a Retina iPad and an iPhone 5 version. And in the new Year you get 2 New Articles with nice New Years Eve Playlists.

Both Sites are now powerd by DisOrder WDE (World Domination Edition) a small static website generator written in ruby with a lot of flexibilities for pages with custom html and css and javascript. And for articles like this one it even unterstands some nice markdown.